Best Weight watchers chicken breast recipes

50 of our most popular dinner recipes using boneless, skinless chicken breast.

Best Weight Watchers Kung Pao Chicken

Quick and Easy 30 minute dinner recipe. Can be made in a wok or a skillet.

Weight Watchers Slow Cooker Chicken Sliders

This easy and delicious recipe is a great dinner, or lunch option. Made in the crock pot you won't spend much time in the kitchen.

Weight Watchers Chicken Pot Pie

A lighter, easier  version of the classic comfort food recipe. It's also kid friendly so you don't have to make separate meals.

Weight Watchers Chicken Flautas

A delicious appetizer or dinner recipe that the whole family will love.  Low calorie.

Weight Watchers Chicken Fried Rice

An easy Chinese Side Dish or Meal. Low calorie with 179 calories and low fat. Ready in 28 minutes.

Weight Watchers Lime Chicken Tacos

A Mexican dinner recipe that's low calorie and low fat. Made with cilantro, red wine vinegar, garlic, green onions, and flour tortillas.

Weight Watchers Parmesan Garlic Chicken

An easy family dinner that's great for busy nights. Only a 15 minute prep time! And it's healthy too!

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